Ariel: Ad Brief

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  • Published : May 12, 2013
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Quality: Ariel is a Tier 1 brand and is expected to deliver the best. There should be no compromise in its quality but as observed by many consumers Ariel when mixed in water, after a while small stones can be seen and felt in the surf. They are hard stones and therefore needs to be thrown out. Price: Ariel pricing suits consumers of Sec A and Sec B but the way it has positioned showing middle class families only has led to a confusion in the minds of consumers whether Ariel is for higher end consumers or not. Target Market: There is a complete misunderstanding by the consumers and failure of communication at the end of the company that they are not delivering the correct positioning of the brand relating to the target market. They need to keep in mind the pricing and overall marketing strategy should align with the target market. USP: Ariel has a USP of “Aik dhulai mukammal safai” which can be questioned but then again this positioning has been used by another well known brand from Colgate Palmolive Express which says“ Aik dhulai 65 rupee ki bachat ke sath” diverting the whole market from Ariel to Express. Brand Promise: It is a common observation that no detergent can clean the stains in the first go rather it takes atleast 2 times or 2 spins in washing machine to take out stains therefore the consumers are skeptical about the claims being made. SOLUTION

Ariel is in trouble and it’s very evident that current marketing campaign is not helping. Either the positioning should be tailored or revamped or the same positioning can be enforced through better marketing tools.

Detergent industry with a value of 19billion rupees Ariel stands very low in spite of being a top tier brand from a company like P&G. In terms of volume it stands at a mere 6% from this industry and shows no improvement what so ever,in fact, it is declining constantly. A share of 7.9% in 2008 is constantly...
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