Aric W Hall Leadership Development Plan

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Completed in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements of OM 7170 – The Developing Leader Capella University August, 2004

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Ina von Ber, PhD

ii Abstract Title Personal Leadership Development Plan for Aric W Hall Abstract This leadership development plan is tailored for its author and is not a research paper in the traditional sense. The author begins with his personal framework for leadership. Included are the results of several leadership assessment tools, information from coaching and personal feedback, and insights into the author’s goals for career and leadership development. The report concludes with a few thoughts on future development and evaluating the progress of personal development.

Hall, p. i Table of Contents Table of Contents Introduction Leadership Framework Assessment Assessment Tools EQ In-Action Profile Campbell Leadership Descriptor Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Coaching & Feedback Developmental Activities Evaluating Progress Appendix: My Assessment Outcomes Bibliography i 1 1 4 4 4 6 7 8 9 10 13 14

Hall, p. 1 Introduction Everyone needs to have a career development plan. In my case, that should include a leadership development plan. This particular plan begins with a leadership framework that encapsulates what I value in leadership. I am also happy to report that a large portion of the leadership assessment data incorporated herein is reflective of my true leadership competencies today. There are some areas that I need to watch out for, and opportunities for development that are coupled with career development. Leadership Framework It is my learned opinion that it is better to start out with a context or environment for leadership analysis, rather than asking what leadership is. Organizational and political leadership are contexts of leadership, but they are far removed from personal leadership or the leadership of individuals. Effective leadership is also a way, though it may not also be ethical leadership, as Hitler proved out. From my frame of reference, the basis for a working leadership framework is looking at leadership on the individual and interpersonal level, leading people. Also, this perspective of leadership cannot be separated from its ethical dimension. With those two thoughts in mind, I should also mention that servant leadership is my working theory of leadership, considering both people and ethics. From this starting point, I can describe the values, traits, attributes, behaviors, and competencies that are compatible with this frame of leadership. Leadership is not a position. Tom Peters found that excellent organizations had leaders at every level, where some were managers and some were not (Cohen, 2000). Leadership is not something that executives do, for leadership requires a willingness to sacrifice for others. Peter Drucker stated, “not enough generals were killed” (Hesselbein, 1996, p. xi). Another said, “If

Hall, p. 2 you do not have something worth dieing for, you probably don’t have much worth living for either”. Identify those who are willing to die for their cause. It is those that have the potential for leadership. Executives who babble about their authority would not volunteer, because they are often incapable of leadership. The best leaders reproduce (Maxwell, 2003), creating the next generation of even better leaders. They impart their knowledge and experience, rather than hoarding it, so that learning leaders start out at an even higher plateau of leadership. It is said that “man is here for the sake of other men”. Servant leadership is first a commitment to serve and build up others in the leadership relationship. Einstein said, “Only a life lived in the service to others is worth living (Secretan, 2004, p. 152)”. The servant leader wants to lead, is a servant first, and has a natural feeling to serve (Greenleaf, 1977). Norman Vincent Peale...
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