Arguments Against to Globalization

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  • Published : April 19, 2008
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Anti Globalist movements and protests are increasing rapidly. Opponents of globalization are raising the issues such as labor’s right, mistreatments to labors in poor areas, child worker problem and flow of big amounts capital which can have detrimental effects on currencies. Furthermore, there is a huge anxiety in terms of imbalanced utilize of energy by the most developed countries, more specifically the United States. Another issue is recognizable inequality in wealth among the North and the South, with its results of political imbalance, debt, paucity and war. Several numbers of international companies have revenues which are extremely higher than the gross national product of African and Asian countries.(Oxford University Press, 2007)

During 1978-1998 international inequality has increased by globalization. Globalization has several negative effects on undeveloped countries. For instance, per capita gross domestic product has not rose in Africa, significant number of undeveloped countries have been affected by financial problems and confronting enormous levels of debt. (Quoted from Milanovic) There have been big intervals among qualified and unqualified worker both in terms of salaries and amount of unemployment. Increasing of disparity can be verbalized by consequences of globalization. (Quoted from Wood) In order to demonstrate the affects of globalization on employment and salaries Feenstra introduces the utilization of outsource into the examination. According to analysis, employment and salaries will be affected related to `skill-biased technological innovation`. In other words, requirement of qualified worker in undeveloped countries will increase and the wage and demand of unqualified workers will decline. (Baddelley. M, 2006)

For instance, globalization has created difficulties for women in İndia. Working conditions of İndian women are paralel to the women who work in other developing areas such as...
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