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Kareelen Murillo
English 081
22 May, 2012
Hard Knocks
The struggles Edith Singer, author of March to Freedom a Memoir of the Holocaust, and Jeanne Wakatuski, author of Farewell to Manzanar, indicated to face dissimilar battles each and every day. Racism was both encounters to the author’s life, In March to Freedom, Jews were being killed, and Farewell to Manzanar had all Japanese family stayed together. Both Singer and Houston are similar when it comes to the discrimination and nostalgia of times spent in encampment, but their overall experiences are different in the camps are described, the way latrine were use and how the authors reactions to their circumstances.

First, camp restrictions are indeed different. The camp in Auschwitz, barracks were assigned differently. In “Arrival in Auschwitz,” Singer explains, “We entered a huge, empty barrack with no beds. One thousand women slept on the bare concrete floor. We had to lie on top of each other; sleep was impossible” (Singer 27). This shows that Singer was forced to sleep in the floor with one thousand other women trying to fall asleep on uncomfortable ground. Unlike, Singer, Houston’s experience at Manzanar was much more pleasant. Houston states, “Each barracks was divided into six units, sixteen by twenty feet, about the size of a living room, with one bare bulb hanging from the ceiling and with an oil stove for heat. We were assigned two of these for the twelve people in our family group; and our official family “number” was enlarged by three digits-16 plus the number of this barracks” (Houston 21). Houston life was easier than what Singer had to go through; she at least had her family together in both barracks. In the end, the experiences of both women in the camps show their differences. In addition, the use of the latrine also shows their contrast. The authors explain how they felt and how painful it was. Singer explains to that, “One morning, my sister and I stood in line waiting to use the...
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