Argumentive Paper on Illegal Downloading of Music

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  • Published : May 3, 2011
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1. Speech Title: Our Modern Day Pirates 2. Speaker/Audience: An environmental activist/local group of environmental activists. 3. Purpose of Speech: EXAMPLE: To convince my audience to take action to preserve the tropical rainforests. 4. Thesis: EXAMPLE: I. Attention A) Alright so who here, and be honest knows that they have illegally downloaded one of their favorite movies, music exct.? (hands will be raised) Ah!!! So there are my thieves B) The usage of illegal downloading has been a huge problem in the creation of the arts. Millions of dollars are being invested into the hard work that’s produced for the enjoyment of the society and is lost. C) For those who don’t know stealing movies or music or anything is against the law. And trust me later on in my speech your going to know how unconstitutional it is to steal. Credibility) I have witnessed one of my fathers friends who was in a band. They were starting to grow into a successful band, opened for kiss at the red rocks. Soon to come, CDs stop selling and Xirens own money that he put in was lost due to illegal down loads. E Preview) From this speech you will learn 1) how illegal downloading started its affect on artists that supply the music. 2) You will learn Statistics on how it financially affects the music business and others, 3) the consequences of illegal downloading and 4) cheap alternatives to satisfy your needs in hopes to stop this madness. Transition) Lets go back to June the year was 1999. A creator Shwan Fanning Started one of the most unethical practices of file sharing called Napster.

II. Body: A. Need: It all started with a simple project that was created called file sharing. File sharing is the practice of distributing or providing access to digital stored information such has mp3 or music file. 1. According to an article ( R.I.P Napster) The excuse that Napster promoted for illegal downloading was “The recorded companies had let them down by only putting on a few hit singles and...
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