Argumentive Essay About Adoption Laws

Topics: Adoption, Closed adoption, Open adoption Pages: 4 (1484 words) Published: April 8, 2011
The Battle of Opened or Sealed Adoption Records

“Dec. 17, 2007, Claudia Washburn feels like something has been stolen from her: her past. Washburn’s search for her biological parents has been hampered by her inability to obtain access to her original birth certificate, she said.”(Byrne) There are many more like Claudia Washburn, who are trying to find out about her identity but are denied access because of the closed adoption records. But on the other hand, there are many as well, that are working hard to keep the records closet, to seal information once and for all. Every adopted child should have the right to go back at some point in their life, and be able to examine the past, know their roots, and where they came from. Also, biological parents should have the ability to find out how their children, whom they gave up for adoption, are now doing and reconcile if they choose.

There is one Province in Canada that has recently opened the laws, which has benefited many adoptees and biological moms to find peace about their past. “On June 1, 2009, Ontario opened its adoption records after 30-year fight launched by members of the adoption community. Adult adoptees and biological mothers could finally apply for copies of their adoption orders and birth registrations by mailing applications to the Office of the Registrar General.”(Baute) Imagine fighting for 30

years to find out information that should belong to you anyways. In today’s world, it’s not that easy but Ontario has made it happen for many adoptees and biological moms. After the laws were opened, “Catherine McPherson was welcomed with arms wide open. In December, she found her 28-year old son living in Surrey, B.C., and messaged him on Facebook. “(Baute) Some others like David Hart, who works as a dump truck driver, had tried looking for his biological mother in the past, and was not surprised to hear from McPherson. “I just figured that if she’s anything like me she’d probably come and find...
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