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  • Published : May 22, 2013
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Argumentative Essay: Disadvantages of Cigarette Smoking

Everywhere, we see people smoking. It has become a daily necessity to smokers so it is very difficult to control. People thought that things are easy to say but difficult to act upon. This perspective is in the minds of most cigarette smokers. They said that whenever they try to quit smoking, they struggle very hard to control their craving for it. Based on statistics, average smokers temporarily stop smoking but after one year, they begin to smoke again. Although producing cigarette “helps” the economy of rural communities and there is no adequate law enforcement to change the behavior of millions of people but force to control smoking (, cigarette smoking should be banned in public places as well as in their homes because (a) the negative effect of smoke to non-smokers who inhaled it is greater with 70% while only 30% to the smoker (b) the cost of buying it contributes to poverty and (c) the deterioration of the earth is caused by it.

It cannot be denied that people who smoke have higher risk of acquiring so many diseases than people who do not smoke and are unable to inhale smoke from any user. People care less about this because they are not feeling these diseases but rather, they feel pleased. They only get these diseases when they are older. When constant smokers are in their favorites, their complexion changes, they get out of breath easily, their hair becomes damaged and they have high risk of lung cancer, cervical cancer and heart diseases (Daniels, 2003). This effect is just the 30%. All of these negative effects are doubled to the second hand smokers for they receive the 70%. They acquire these diseases much faster than the actual smokers (“Quit Smoking”). Though people have the right to destroy their own bodies, they are not allowed to destroy others’.

Another argument is that it brings greater cost to the people in the community. They said that many factory...
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