Argumentative: Style Guide and Works Cited Page

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Argumentative Essay Assignment

This essay must be formatted in proper MLA style, including citing sources properly. For more information on citing sources in your essay and creating a Works Cited Page, please review Chapter 39 in your HHH Book. If you would like to review an online source on MLA formatting, Cornell University provides excellent information here:

Your argumentative essay must be at least four pages in length and at least six paragraphs. The title of your essay should be clever and allude to what your argument is. A scoring guide (located on Blackboard) and a typed outline must be attached to your final draft, along with a Works Cited page.

You must present at least three citations in your essay and your Works Cited page should list at least three sources. Of those three sources (or more) at least two must be a book or journal (revisit information provided in the information literacy presentation or visit the library for information on access to databases).

Remember that your essay should include the following features (found on page 413 of your HHH book):

* An introduction- introduce the issue and capture the attention of the audience. * Background information- Provide your audience with a history of the topic and where things currently stand. Define any key terms or events. * Proposition: Introduce the position you are taking and outline basic reasons that you support it. The position a writer takes in this type of essay is called a claim or proposition. Review page 401 of HHH to ensure you understand different types of claims. * Proof or confirmation: Discuss the reasons that have led to you taking your position. Make sure that those reasons are clear and concise. This is where your facts, statistics and quotes from experts come in. * Refutation: You must recognize and disprove those opposing your argument. * Concession: Concede any point with...
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