Argumentative Essay the Outsiders

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  • Published : March 6, 2013
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Mrs. Burke, period 4
English 8
31 January 2013
The Measure of True Wealth

The Giraffe Award identifies individuals who “stick their necks out for the common good”. Nominees must take physical, financial, and social risks to better their community. Cherry Valence and Darry Curtis are this year’s contenders for the award. Both nominees make personal sacrifices to improve the lives of others. Cherry volunteers at a local soup kitchen and organizes a non-profit organization called the Sunset Project. Darry gave up his childhood to raise his two younger brothers, Ponyboy and Sodapop. However, there is only one winner and the clear choice is Darry Curtis.

First of all, Darry chose to take on a social risk by choosing not to attend high school, college, or football practice. By taking on this risk he sacrifices his youth. According to the consensus bureau the average eighteen year old spends 7.5 hours a day on social activities like social media and gaming. The bureau also reports that teens do not assume adult responsibilities until after they graduate college. Darry makes the ultimate sacrifice, he goes above and beyond his call of duty as both a teen and a brother by choosing to stay at home and make a better life for his brothers. Darry is a true giraffe one that is brave, caring, and ultimately healing.

Next, Darry assumes the financial responsibility for a family of three. In the current U.S. economy more than 25% of people are without work, without pay, and without homes. Darry is part of this alarming statistic. Rather than be a part of his Greaser gang and choose a violent and dishonest lifestyle to support his family, Darry chooses to attend classes at a community college, coach a local football team, and use any of his little income to pay bills and put food on the table. Darry deserves the Giraffe award for “sticking his neck out”, making significant personal/financial sacrifices, and expecting...
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