Argumentative Essay: Same Sex Marriage Eng 101

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  • Published : May 2, 2013
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Argumentative Essay:
Love is Love, Same Sex or Opposite Sex
Sarah Driggers

English Composition I
ENG 101 317
David Brennan
April 23, 2013
Word Count- 1,168

Love is Love, Same Sex or Opposite Sex
A big issue in today’s society is whether same sex couples have the same rights as opposite sex couples. The biggest concern is the right to marriage and currently, according to the Human Rights Campaign’s website, about 11 out of 50 states have generated laws that permit same sex marriage in that certain state. Same sex marriage is recognized by that state but not by the federal government and the movement towards same sex marriage, is aiming for the approval from the federal government. Same sex marriage should become a right protected under the constitution, whose place is it to say whether a man and a man, or a woman and a woman cannot be legally married? If you take two x-rays of a man and woman and put them side by side, unless you’re a doctor or an archaeologist you cannot tell them apart and that goes to show that underneath it all, we are all the same regardless of race, ethnicity and gender. Therefore, we should all have the same rights whether homosexual or heterosexual.

Catholics and Christians alike do not believe in same sex marriages. Their religions do not allow for such things to be even considered as a constitutional right, and their beliefs also play a part in politics. “God has staged an unprecedented revival, and religions that invest in his word on sex and related matters have a tenacious hold on the politics of certain liberal constitutional democracies.” (Denike 2) This meaning that the religious ideas of same sex marriage as being unholy are entering the world of politics and as many people like myself believe, religion and politics should be kept separate because not everyone practices Christianity or Catholicism, some people chose to be atheists and practice no religion at all. Just because God says it is unholy for same sex...
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