Argumentative Essay on Colonialism

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  • Published : March 13, 2013
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Colonizers do more harm than good to Filipinos
World historical events are dominantly engaged into colonization. Like other literary eras, colonization is difficult to draw. There are colonizers that invade citizens of one country to settle and to introduce their beliefs, tradition and customs and to establish political control over that area of citizens. Filipinos experienced colonization by the Spaniards, Americans and Japanese colonizers. During the Spaniards colonization, they contributed good things such as education and Christianity where it was succesfully followed by the Filipinos. However, even how much they contribute, there are still inhumanity experiences happened before. They   are   the   reason   why   Filipinos   experienced   suffered,   hardship,   persecution   etc.   During   their   colonialism, I   can   say   that   the   Filipino   during   the   time   of   the   Spanish   was   so   very   poor   and   pity   because   the   Spaniards   treated   the   Filipino   people   not   as   human   being   but   as   their   slaves.   They   abused   the   Filipino. The   lives   of   the   Filipinos   during   the   Spanish   colonization   were   so   very   difficult.   They   never   experienced   the   “freedom. Colonizers may sometime be good because it helps to improve the living standard of Filipinos. It brings modernization to Filipinos where technological matters are underdeveloped. Colonization in terms of religion expansion promotes equality and harmony throughout the Philippines even though religion was a predominant factor in the colonization process. But harm effects still outweigh because colonizers encourages Filipino to enter their imperial projects with their goal. However it will cause slavery and indentured servitude. Filipinos are controlled by the colonizers in terms of culture, traditions and beliefs. It will force the colonies to think that their cultures were wrong and that the colonizers will bring Filipinos to...
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