Argumentative Essay: Evolution

Topics: Evolution, Mutation, Intelligent design Pages: 4 (1398 words) Published: February 18, 2013
English 111
Argumentative Essay
Have you ever thought about the things we teach at our public schools? How everything that is said to a student has an effect on the way they think or understand things. How are we sure that we teach them everything they need to know? And who decides the purpose or requirement of each class given? Education is to enlighten the young and naive to better their purpose in our society; and by teaching them both Evolution and Intelligent Design it give them more knowledge and a different way to look and examine things. Many people believe Evolution should only be taught in schools because it is a scientific theory and does not involve people’s religious issues. Yet, there is a certain amount of faith involved in just believing that we possibly mutated or evolved. And this thought that we all evolved from one organism is very difficult for many to grasp. Most people wonder well if we mutated from this organism where did this organism come from and how did it get there? A famous scientist Charles Darwin suggests that “The development of life was from nonlife according to ‘Natural Selection’”. Meaning that over thousands or millions of years, genetic mutation has allowed certain species to grow and prosper; while others became weak and didn’t survive. But how do we explain life from nonlife? There has yet to be any life created out of nothing. Scientist have had a problem finding a transitional to support their theory. And the Theory of Evolution is continually changing over time because their evidence does not all line up. So why should we only teach that in our schools? Yes it is a huge possibility of how the universe may have been created; yet, it is not the only possibility. What happens when there are students who go to public school and only believe in Intelligent Design? They are then forced to only learn about Evolution. This can be an issue because this child knows there is more than one possibility of how the universe was...
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