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Topics: Dolphin drive hunting, Taiji, Wakayama, Government of Japan Pages: 3 (871 words) Published: January 25, 2012
In the small village of Taiji, there is a hidden cove where Japanese fishermen slaughter thousands of dolphins each year. The massacre of these dolphins goes on for six months out of the year. The dolphins are driven in to captive by using torturous underwater noises and large nets to trap them in to this cove where they are slaughtered. Some of the dolphins are killed in the cove, by fishermen cutting their throats with knives or stabbing them with spears, while others are taken off shore into trucks and dragged by their tails to be killed later. The surrounding water is bright red with the blood of these dolphins and the air is filled with their frightening screams. Besides the abuse and unnecessary killings of these beautiful creatures, another issue that is going unnoticed is that the dolphin meat is filled with mercury and being consumed by the Japanese unknowingly. The last major issue is dolphinariums supporting the Japanese fisherman by paying thousands of dollars for selected dolphins to live in captivity for entertainment purposes.

The massacre of dolphins taking place in the small killing cove in Taiji is absolutely horrific. Not only are these creatures being killed for unnecessary reasons, but they are being tortured in the process. The chase starts off with fishermen driving long metal rods into the ocean and pounding on them with hammers to create a sound barrier that will frighten the dolphins. Once the dolphins hear this noise, they panic and swim toward the shallow cove. This grueling chase can continue for up to eight hours and once they are in the cove, nets are placed to ensure that they will not escape. Early the next morning, after the dolphins have been entrapped all night, the fishermen come in small boats to slaughter the dolphins. They drive long metal spears into their bodies, slit their throats, and sometimes cover their blowholes to drown them. While these innocent dolphins fight for their lives the fishermen have absolutely no...
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