Argumentative Essay: Bringing Immigrants in Britain to Speak English?

Topics: United Kingdom, English language, Commonwealth of Nations Pages: 2 (459 words) Published: April 6, 2013
Argumentative Essay: Bringing Immigrants in Britain to speak English?
Zia Haider Rahman tells us: “Providing interpreters instead of encouraging immigrants to speak English keeps them in their ghettos”. In more radical words he says that the immigrants in Britain must be forced to speak English by stopping translating everything. And that is the viewpoint I want to discuss about in the following argumentative essay. Supporters of this point of view argue that it is just an advantage or “the best” for the immigrants in Britain, because it is necessary for daily survival. An example of this is that they can communicate with nearly everyone in this country, but most importantly is it when they are in danger and need help from, for example, the police. Moreover supporters say that non-English speakers have equal chances and won’t be excluded – both points are important to become fully integrated. Besides that the immigrants will learn the global language. Another point is that people are still free to speak other languages whenever they want, so they can chose what language they want to speak. Furthermore stopping providing interpreters will safe much money (£100m), for which the commonwealth can fund the English classes. Finally encouraging immigrants will create an “uniformity” and will make the life much more easier and collaborative. Opponents of Zia Haider Rahman’s point of view think there is no way to enforce it 100%. There are always some “rebels”. Or in addition to that some people can’t simply master English. They will feel like illiterate and will be unsatisfied. This will maybe result in emigration – the opposite of the purpose. Additionally the forcing immigrants in Britain to speak English may take the character and diversity of the cities away; it may be monotone. Furthermore English classes coast much money, but newly arrived immigrants have no work, no income and thus can’t pay them themselves. So it will result that the commonwealth has to pay...
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