Argumentative Essay

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Argumentative Essay

High School is a vigorous time for many students. Some students can handle the heat of competition, while others simply can’t. One student fights the hardest and wins the title of valedictorian. A title he or she deserves and should not be taken away.

A High School such as the one I go to, Mary Carroll High School, gets very competitive for the running of valedictorian and may cause some animosity towards other students but taking away the position would be harmful. A man who works harder than everyone in his job gets promoted and has the high hopes for becoming the boss, while the man who works less remains where he is. That is how it should be for high school students. Being a sought after prestigious position, many students want to be valedictorian, but do not have the true desire to become one.

Although, some high schools offer co-valedictorians because they feel all students who put effort into school should be rewarded. Some schools say that any student that makes over a 4.0 should be named valedictorian. The reason this idea should not be put into practice is because a student who takes all AP courses and has well above a 4.0 should not be placed in the same category as a student who took only half AP courses and has barely over a 4.0. On the other hand, some schools name co-valedictorians who are separated by a small factor. This practice is understandable because the school does not want to anger any student, but all students know who the true number 1 isAlso by naming two, you steal the thunder from the true number 1, who has worked the hardest.

Meanwhile, some schools have just banned the practice of giving the title valedictorian all in all. This strategy is to make all students, teachers, and parents happy. Getting rid of valedictorians gives many students no incentive of going the extra mile for the best GPA. Also what reward would the student who goes the extra mile get? Although after high school being the...
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