Argumentative Essay - 6

Topics: High school, Secondary school, Secondary education Pages: 3 (1064 words) Published: April 17, 2008
Rache’ Hunter
English 101-0201
December 10th, 2007
Argumentative Essay
If you observe the difference between grammar school students and secondary school students, what do you see? In grammar school about eighty-five percent of the students are wearing uniforms where it’s required which is pretty good but in a uniform required secondary school at the maximum there’s probably one out of every fifty students complying with this particular rule. For some years now parents, local politicians, the school board, and about every high school student has been debating over something so small to the public but a major issue to the students. Wondering what the big issue is? Well, all the fuss is about school uniforms and if high school students should be required to wear them. Because of their low cost, business casual appearance, and means of reducing distraction of the learning process, As a high school graduate I feel school uniforms are excellent for the learning environment. So, who wouldn’t want to wear their regular clothes to school everyday and show off all the name brand stuff they have? The answer is simple the less fortunate students in the public school system. The fact of the matter is uniforms are inexpensive and convenient for parents as well as students. The basic uniform consists of a polo style shirt and slacks or a polo style shirt and a pleated skirt which cost at the maximum about fifteen to twenty dollars. With this being said the less fortunate families as well as the other families can get as many school uniforms as needed. This can make living conditions better for some of these students because parents can save money. And because of easy access to school uniforms if damaged, they can easily be replaced. Now, who wouldn’t want to wear uniforms? As parenting goes, I’m pretty sure parents want their kids to be active in today’s business world. Well, school uniforms can help encourage this by the business casual appearance these uniforms give....
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