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Topics: Hamburger, Buy Nothing Day, United States Pages: 2 (881 words) Published: May 14, 2013
Argumentative Essay Final
Every body loves the triple bacon cheeseburger from Wendy’s, extra bacon. Or the brand new Iphone that has just been released and you suddenly feel that daunting desire to be holding it in your hands. America is all about living for excess. People live for what is easily accessible no matter the cost. In reading of a Buy Nothing Day implemented and imposed on Canada, to increase the awareness of excessive consumerism, we must ask would this be beneficial to the United States? I must agree that it would be beneficial to some in raising awareness. Though I agree, I must also strongly negate the idea of a “Buy Nothing Day” due to the low participation amongst our society in America, and the difficulty in implicated such a day.

First, I agree with the idea that our nation could use a “Buy Nothing Day” and it could be very beneficial in raising the awareness of our excessive consuming. Having the opportunity to travel to a poverished country myself, I have found myself with an increasing awareness of my consumerism. I distinctly remember walking out of the “Barra Payan” sandwich shop with a grin on my face, excited to devour the sandwich I had spent no more than 3 dollars on. As I continued to walk out, a young boy approached me, and in his broken English asked if I would give him just a bite of my sandwich. He had no shoes on, a shirt that had been worn to the seams and swim suit meant for a toddler, though he managed a crooked little smile as he asked. The disparage on his face was eminent though, and he wavered my heart. Haphazardly, I preceded to hand him my entire sandwich. Hugging me, he ran off devour the sandwich I had just bought. Being down in the Dominican Republic for a week, I found myself aware of my extensive consumerism I display on a day to day basis, while people can hardly have enough food to survive. Though having a singular day in America may not be to this extreme, I strongly feel that it would be an important way...
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