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Topics: Graffiti, Art, Street art Pages: 4 (1246 words) Published: April 5, 2013
ENG 112

There are many forms of art, including the infamous graffiti. Many look at graffiti as an obstruction to buildings,which are man made obstructions to nature but thats a whole different argument. Graffiti is a way for artist to express themselves. In addition, self expression helps a person blossom and prosper. Furthermore, expressing yourself through art such as graffiti can give you confidence. While many find that graffiti on a building is disrespectful, but a building is a building and graffiti is a form of art that stands out and can help the artist stand out and find who they are as a person. Expressing yourself as a person is a right you are given that helps you explore who you are and what you stand for, helps you gain confidence, and helps you stand out from the rest of the world. Graffiti is an escape for young artist to express themselves, when they have no where else to turn.

Graffiti is an expression of art, that helps artist express themselves, self expression helps a person blossom and prosper. This graffiti style uses a signature or logo, for example, a nickname and your street number or number that means something to you “little bit 237”, sometimes stylized and called a tag, that is unique to an individual graffiti writer or tagger, experienced graffiti artist within the subculture could identify and credit works to specific teenagers.(Powers 137). These tags are personalized , in which the artist can single him or herself out from the rest. “Tagging became a competitive activity and graffiti artist vied for recognition among their peers to gain the reputation of being "king" of a subway line.”(Powers 139). Not only does expressing yourself through a form of art help you form who you are as a person but, gives you motivation to push harder and actually have a goal to reach. “Graffiti art achieved popularity primarily because it offered insight to the lives of the inner-city people. The inner-city culture was perceived as being...
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