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All high school and college students should be required to
take at least two years of foreign language: For
As a high school student, there is nothing worse than taking classes you know you will never use. But, in most cases the average student does not understand the impact of what we learn today on the rest of our lives. In today’s culture of vast travel and communication, the world we live in is getting seemingly smaller. This puts an added incentive on foreign language classes due to the additional doors they open up in the future.

Recently traveling overseas has become cheaper, faster, and more widespread. This gives great benefit to having retained at least a little knowledge gained in a foreign language class. Although everyone does not travel overseas, sixteen out of the top twenty-five travel destinations have a national language other than English (World’s). Because of this, it is necessary to know at least the basics of the indigenous language of the country which you are traveling to. Also, in many foreign nations, Americans are frowned upon for expecting everyone to know English while we do not even try to adapt.

In addition to traveling for leisure, companies have begun moving factories and headquarters out of the country to nations with less strict taxes and regulations. This has resulted in an increased demand for employees that are fluent in at least two languages. These jobs not only pay very well but in some cases the employment decision is based solely on one’s ability to speak a foreign language. With restrictions on companies becoming continually stricter, the number of corporations looking for these types of employees will continue to increase. Also, because the majority of Americans do not want to learn another language, the level of competition is much lower than jobs with less specific requirements.

Even though not everyone will travel out of the country in their lifetime, the population in our own nation has continued to...
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