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Argumentive Essay

The topic of my Argumentive essay is on the benefits of Issue 2. The purpose of Issue 2 is to pass Senate Bill 5, which will budget Ohio’s money, and “better the economy”. I believe that there are no benefits from Issue 2; in fact, I believe that Issue 2 is nothing but trouble. Senate Bill 5 will lay off more teachers, fireman, police officers, etc. Also, it will budget the economy as a whole, taking away from our youth. Finally, it will cause a rise in the unemployment rate, poverty rate, and crime rate.

Firstly, Senate Bill 5 will lay off our teachers, police officers, and firemen. This will lower the protection that we have in the state of Ohio. Also, this will greatly impact our youth. The layoffs will affect the teachers who do not have seniority, which can affect the children greatly as far as education. When the recent layoffs happened at my old High School, Collinwood High School, most of the teachers that were laid off did not have seniority. Because of this, we were left with some older teachers who barely even taught. Not to say that this will happen at all schools, but it is a possibility. In addition to the previous statement, less teachers means that more students will be bunched, and packed into classes, which could possibly make the teacher’s job harder, because of the overflow of students in the classes. With our protection down, the possibility of anything happening is greater. Students might feel the need to bringing firearms and deadly weapons to school again. The primary goal of the police force, and the firefighters is to protect and serve, they will not be able to do this if there are short on men and women.

Secondly, Issue 2 will budget our economy, taking away from the youth. All of the seasonal sports, activities, and clubs throughout the CMSD are funded through the CMSD. This includes High School and Elementary/Middle Schools. Because of the lack of money, the CMSD has been forced to issue a statement,...
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