Argumentative Analysis Essay

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  • Published : May 22, 2013
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Argumentative Analysis Essay
Democracy is a form of government by the people and for the people. I have chosen three authors that have their own ways of defining democracy; Governor John R. Kasich defines democracy as a community working together. President Barak Obama defines democracy as, a promise that shows a connection between individuals and the government and an inspiring action. President John F. Kennedy tells us that democracy is a choice of the people and it means unity. The arguments are different. Kasich wants to keep the unemployment rate down in Ohio, Obama wants to inspire America to act on change, and Kennedy wants America to unite to stop all the fighting. The definitions all mean the same thing, unity, self execution, and promises. In conclusion, they all mean the same thing, but have different ways of expressing their ideas. These men all agree on democracy being about unity, not government decisions. In Governor John R. Kasich’s speech, State of the State Address, he defines democracy as “Jobs are our greatest moral purpose. Our mission to reach hopes and dreams.” During this time period, jobs are up 120,400 occurring locally. Occurring nationally is increasing surplus and occurring worldly is the countries being downgraded due to credit outlook. Kasich’s audience consists of Ohio, Lima, and Families. Kasich clearly states the places he is speaking too. He talks about Lima and Allen counties where he is, and he says that all of Ohio is coming back strong job wise. Kasich begins the piece with two stories that have two different scenarios. Showing how important jobs are to Ohio families. John then states that we have a mission for hopes and dreams and a better life. We are improving, we want to keep going. Finally, unemployment is decreasing. We are improving and we are winning. Kasich uses a positive tone to explain to his audience that jobs are our greatest moral purpose, being positive motivates people to realize how important jobs are,...
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