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  • Published : November 20, 2011
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Ileana Borrero
English 064
Melinda Rising
Argumentative Essay
We have seen how children get out of control if they don't have both parents together to help raise them. Children can become aggressive, scream at their parents and reduce their excitement of becoming a professional in their life. Most children with a single parent are more likely to have a negative attitude. According to the website, ( there was 26.7 percent of kids living in a single parent household. Having both parents working together to raise their children increases the possibility of having a positive life towards the child, the parents and society. They should equally share their responsibility for raising their child.      When raised by both parents the child can develop a strong relationship with both his mother and father. He will be happy and wouldn't need to worry if he ever is going to see his mom or dad again. He would know both parents care about his well being. For example, making sure he eats, if he needs advice or anything he needs help in. The child would achieve more in school and respect one another, especially his elders. He would understand the different sexes better because he is able to have a relationship with both a male and female role model. He would know how his human body develop and if he has any question that his mother can't answer, he could then ask his father. It can also prevent the child from running away from home, committing suicide or going to jail.    

     By having both parents share the responsibility of raising their child they will benefit by having less stress. They would not need to worry about a babysitter, who's going to take care of the child or if they have to stay home by themselves. They would know what is happening with their child. For example, if he has a problem at school, with his friends or teacher that is worrying him. They could help him with his homework or help him...
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