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  • Published : May 5, 2013
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The death penalty has faced much opposition lately. Can death penalty possibly be a morally acceptable punishment? Although our country clearly has no absolute right to put its subjects to death, capital punishment should be known as an acceptable form of punishment in our society because (a) prisoner parole can give criminals another chance to kill; (b) justice is better served; (c) it saves lives of other people. Prisoner parole can give criminals another chance to kill. Have you ever thought about how many criminals escape punishment, and yet, the victims never had a chance to do that? Do victims receive full measure of justice? Perhaps the biggest reason to favor death penalty is to prevent the committed crime from happening again. Even if a criminal is sentenced to life without the possibilty of parole, he still has a chance to kill while in prison or even worse, go on a crime spree (Death Penalty, n.d.) Justice is better served. The most fundamental principle of justice is that the punishment should fit the crime (Capital Punishment, n.d.). When someone plans and brutally murders another person, does it not make sense that the punishment for the perpetrator should also be death? It is time we put the emphasis of justice back on protecting the one who was victimized rather than the one accused. One must remember that a person on death row has almost always committed crimes prior to what he has done. There is a long line of victims waiting for justice to be served. Therefore we need justice for both past and current victims. Irwin Isenberg (1977) said, "I favor death penalty as a matter of justice and human dignity even apart from deterrence". Morally, justice must always be preferred to equality. justice requires punishing the guilty even if some only can be punished and sparring the innocent. Capital punishment saves lives. Repeat murders are eliminated and foreseeable murders are deferred. Death penalty also gives closure to the families of the victims...
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