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  • Published : April 14, 2013
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Michelle Chester
Professor Spanner
December 26, 2012
Argumentative Essay
Singled Out
Your image or the color of your skin can put you at a disadvantage in some urban communities in New York City. It’s called profiling or the alternative name “stop and frisk”. Many minority youths in urban communities at times cannot walked the street freely without being singled out by a police officer, on what they call probable cause which initially is them just using their own judgment. Young people of color or minority face many stereotypes from the police, sometimes by excessive force which they carry out while doing stop and frisk tactics, which single handling, pick out individuals because of areas that are associated within their urban communities.

New York City streets have become a target for minority. According to the Paul Butler in his article “Don’t antagonize those who could help”, if a citizen who thinks of police as the rough men who humiliated her grandson by throwing him against a wall when all he was doing was walking home from school, she is not going to be eager to help them (par4). As citizen of a free country witnessing such an act can have a lasting impression, of and individual who should be wearing their uniform proud and carrying out their duty in a respectable fashion. It is easier for one to turn a blind eye when the police come searching for information in their communities.

Considering many times searching that is being done doesn’t result in any finding but leaves the individual humiliated. According to Robert Stolarik in his article “Stop and Frisk Policy –New York City Police Department” in 2012, the number of street stops in New York from January through March 2012 rose to 203,500 from 183,326 during the same quarter of 2011(par2). This shows a steady increase in the NYPD stop and frisk method and that more and more individuals are being targeted. Stolarik states that “Critics say that the police unfairly target black and...