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Development is confined within city areas

Good morning everybody!! Welcome to my presentation. I’m Najmus Sakib from EEE Dept. the topic of my presentation is, the Development of Bangladesh which is confined within only in city areas especially in Dhaka city. This is a short outline which I’m going to describe now. Bangladesh, our darling motherland. After the liberation in 1971 a rapid development changed her face. Now our country is known as a Developing country, but I have a question on that point. Is the whole Bangladesh developing?? Or only the City areas especially Dhaka city is developing? I’m sure the answer will be the second one. If we compare the life of a rural person with another person who lives in Dhaka, we will know the fact.

Reason 1
Now the question is, why development is not being occurred in rural areas? I’m going to describe that now. Firstly, before the liberation, Dhaka was respectively the capital of East Pakistan, East Bengal, also the capital of Mughal Era. From that time, rulers have established most of the industries, educational institutions and habitats in Dhaka City and still now, quality services like hospitals, schools, universities and many other top most institutions are found in Dhaka. So, from that period to now, people from everywhere in Bangladesh come to Dhaka city for better living. In a village, poor parents do their best to make their child educated, and after being educated, that person migrates to Dhaka city to establish himself. As a result, villages are remaining unprivileged and city areas are developing disproportionally to that day by day. People have set a mind that they can’t do any good thing staying in villages. So the government or the businessmen’s have no interest to make any development works in rural areas because it will not be beneficial for their development business and we know this fact that no one in country do something without profit.

Reason 2
Another main cause is...
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