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  • Published : April 19, 2011
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C-E Draft 1
March 07, 2011
Effects of the Globalization in Marketing.
Constantly, the world changes faster than our ability to notice those changes. One of the most significantly changes have been occurring for the last two decades, increasing the connectivity and interdependence of the world's markets and businesses, the Globalization. The Globalization has offered opportunities for different countries and cultures to be more connecting through business, governmental cooperation, mass media and other sectors. Consequently, globalization has affected directly an important area of business: Marketing. Because of consumers are looking for a big variety of different products and there have been advances of telecommunications, Companies have changed the way on how they do marketing. Mass brands have been increased their presence in different parts of the world. Brands like Coca Cola, Nike, Apple, etc have the opportunities for become most powerful brands and make their sales to grow up. On the other hand, this only works for large companies but not for small companies. Those companies, who do not have enough economical capacity, cannot spend much money making campaigns. About the sales, companies also have had to change in accept different methods of payment, adjust prices based on the economics of the countries, and the most important effect on sales could be the new strategies of sales with global focus. Other effect that plays an important role is the advances of telecommunications and the rise of Internet that have allowed that companies develop their marketing globally. Actually, Internet is the most used resources to make marketing. All companies can show their products through Internet, it is cheap and easy to make. Most of companies’ websites have the option to change the language. So, they show the same messages in different languages. They save money and time developing campaigns in several countries; they just make this kind of advertising...
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