Argumentation Essay Topic Suggestions

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  • Published: January 11, 2013
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Argumentation Essay Topic Suggestions

Some of these topics can be altered slightly. Remember the topic restrictions I have given you before altering any of these questions, and be sure you are arguing a position, not merely informing your audience about a problem or solution.

1.Discuss the influence that advertising has had on your life or the lives of your friends. 2.If you were asked to make a fair evaluation of your teachers, what criteria would you use for the evaluation? Discuss. 3.What influence should students have in the determination of college policies? Explain. 4.Do college students benefit from participation in extracurricular activities? Explain. 5.Is too much emphasis placed on grades in our educational system? Explain. 6.Each year, many teenagers run away from home. What do you think are the chief causes? 7.Should every able-bodied citizen be required to serve for a certain period of time in some branch of the military service? Why or why not? 8.Has the automobile been harmful to our society? Discuss. 9."Television has made America a nation of watchers, not doers." Agree or disagree. 10.Do you think that you receive your money's worth for your student activity fees? Why or why not? 11.Are spectator sports overemphasized in this country today? Discuss. 12.Discuss the most important characteristics an elected official should have. 13.Was giving eighteen-year-old the right to vote a mistake? Discuss. 14.Discuss some practical ways in which each of us can help to conserve natural resources. 15.What steps need to be taken in order to reduce crime? Explain. 16.Do you believe that violence in television programs leads to violence in our society? Explain. 17.How has the women's movement affected relationships between men and women? Discuss. 18.Which do you think has a greater effect on a person -- heredity or environment? Explain. 19.Discuss what could be done to increase the public's respect for police officers....
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