Argument Paper of Underweight People

Topics: Nutrition, Prejudice Pages: 2 (425 words) Published: February 27, 2012
Argument Paragraph Assignment 2 – Discrimination Against Underweight People

Part 1 - Prewriting
Freewriting – 1 minute
I feel that underweight people are discriminated against just as much as overweight people. I was extremely disturbed by a newspaper article that really criticized underweight people. Underweight people were called names, accused of either having to be on drugs or having a eating disability, and even called unattractive. Some people are naturally underweight. Being underweight caused this article to really hurt my feelings. I’ve been called many names throughout the years. The names hurt. One need to feel confident regardless of their weight. I was extremely surprised at the comments made about the article. People actually agreed with the article and continued the namecalling. While this is taken likely by so many, many underweight people have suffered because

Question/Answer Technique - Who, What, When, Where, Why, How What is the problem? Discrimination
Who is discriminated against? Underweight people
When are underweight people discriminated against? On a daily basis through many sources Where are they discriminated at? Newspaper articles or other media, by people in different circumstances Why are underweight people discriminated against? I’m not really sure. It may be because of insecurities of others or just because so much of the focus have been taken off of overweight people. How are underweight people discriminated against? Name calling, stereotyping, untrue accusations, and even looked down upon or neglected because of their weight

Part 2 – Argument Paragraph

Discrimination of Underweight People Argument Paragraph

Many people focus so much on discrimination of overweight people; they neglect to recognize the amount of discrimination against underweight people. Underweight people are criticized and discriminated against by both media and people just as much as overweight people. In a newspaper...
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