Argument of Love Essay

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  • Published : November 18, 2012
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Precious Howard-Torregano
September 20, 2010
English 112
“Young Love Becomes True Love”
Have you heard the term ‘’high school sweethearts?’’ Well, just in case you have not, it is the significant other that you spent most of your high school career with. By staying with this person through good and bad times, and inspiring them to do better you are guaranteed the relationship will remain strong. On the other hand, people feel you should grow and experience the world in order to learn and understand the complexity of love. But how can we learn about something or someone without any experience? It takes being around someone on a regular basis to know and see how he/she handles different situations. This helps you know if this is someone who compliments you. So, why not give yourself time to experience the questions and answers you would ask if you would have met later in life. When people meet at an older age, they do not know anything about their partner’s character. Both people in the relationship are experienced and ready to settle down, usually before having time to figure out each other. On the other hand, when a couple starts out young you can catch the flaws as they grow. You can get used to the changes, leave them, or work it out. You are able to be together and become friends before lovers. You will know where the person came from, where they seem to be going, and what has already been accomplished. This is better than meeting a random person and trying to learn them quickly, “because life is too short.”

Our parents are often loving, however, they have the meanest way of expressing it. They seem to always try to save you from the heartache and trouble they know you will encounter because “they have been there done that.” They have lived and experienced life so they know more than we could imagine. This only made them stronger because “you learn from your mistakes right?” So why is it so bad for us to experience and learn from our own mistakes?...
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