Argument of Death Penalty

Topics: Death Penalty, Crime, Murder Pages: 2 (694 words) Published: September 11, 2012
Argument for the Death Penalty
“…Many historical records and primitive tribal practices indicate that the death penalty has been part of the judicial system virtually from the beginning of their existence, community punishment generally included compensation by the offender, corporal punishment, rejection, exile and execution. However, in small communities tend to be rare crimes, and murder is almost always a crime of passion. For that reason the executions and exile punishments were usually very rare…” (Primera Hora, 2011) With this little extract from a text about the history of the death penalty start this argument for the death penalty, even though this is a very controversial and which cannot be just an opinion. The death penalty has been the strongest punishment against the most terrible crimes and it is the punishment with more different opinion, debates or discussion in the society. The way I see things the death penalty can prevent crimes, can arrest murderers, and can save lives. Because from the application of punishment to one, the other criminals would know what the future would bring if they continue with such nefarious acts, and may as well lose his own life being submitted by the authority. I think it is a way for a murderer or potential murderer as a whole society may have the opportunity to reconsider their actions and create a reason for what lies in their actions. Although some consider that the death penalty is a violation of human rights I think this opinion is not valid and that if victims do not have the same rights when they are attacked have also been violated its rights and further, what if it is not fair somehow compensate for the harm they have done? Using the death penalty in cases evidence is one way to protect the lives of citizens, as this would be fully guaranteed their safety, because it is a way to avoid running the risk that the criminal from repeating his crime. Another important point is that criminals...
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