Argument Essay on Teen Curfew

Topics: Love, BP, American television sitcoms Pages: 1 (296 words) Published: November 30, 2011
Jeanine Covich
Mrs. Dorr
English 90
19 October 2011
Ex.1 Freewriting
My most memorable job was working at a gas station when I was twenty. I loved that job I had the best time. I met a lot of people there including my fiancé. I will never forget that place, we had lots of fun, like listening to music, I used to make pizza and run the cash register, It was almost like being free, it didn’t have the stresses that a normal job has, I used to go out with my friends after we got of work, I would get ready in the bathroom and then we would hit the road. I was never tired like I am now when I leave work. I used to work with a girl that made us laugh all the time. I remember she put a bag on and went outside and ran around the parking lot, it was funny then but not now. There was nothing hard about working there.Ex.2 brainstorming or listing Who? Jeanine and her memorable Job

What? The BP gas station and what made it memorable
Where? 2470 Hwy 87S. Sanford NC
When? Starting Aug. 2004 to Dec 2006
Why? No stress, good friends, music, good food
How? I got the job after I filled out an application, and how we made it fun was making it stress free.

Ex.3 Clustering
BP gas station Stress free, no boss standing over you
Music to help affect your mood Lots of friends and able to meet people I was a pizza maker and a cashier Had good benefits and incenatives Had energy to go out after work Always had a good dinner and lunch Had good team work

Got along with everyone
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