Argument Essay - Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

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  • Published : March 7, 2011
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To Each His Own
The review I chose to evaluate is of “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.” I found it on The New York Times website and Alex Berenson is the author. He wrote this review for all of the subscribers of The New York Times and for all of the readers who are interested in “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.” The author does a great job with voicing his opinion about the novel. However, the review of this fiction crime novel is not normally his cup of tea.

Berenson graduated from Yale University in 1994 with degrees in history and economics. After he graduated, he started work for the Denver Post as a reporter. He was also one of the first reporters for, which is a financial news Website. From 1999 until earlier this year, he worked on the reporting staff for The New York Times. In that time, he published “The Faithful Spy,” a novel he wrote after serving as a correspondent in Iraq twice. That novel won him the Edgar Award for the Best First Novel. He continued that novel with four other contributing works from his main character, John Wells. Berenson has also written a non-fiction book, “The Number,” about financial business scandals. With all of his experience and the award, he is a credible reviewer.

Even though Berenson is a credible critic with an extensive background in reporting, I do not believe he is the best writer for this review. I respect his opinion, but he is an author of politics, war, and finance. “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” is far from any of those genres. The only part of this novel that can be compared to his expertise is finance; one of the main characters, Michael Blomkvist, is trying to get his revenge on a large, corrupt finance company, Wennerstrom.

Berenson starts out his review by touching on the Swedes’ bad reputation for being prone to “sin, nudity, drunkenness and suicide,” which he also states that that is what this novel is mostly about. Berenson gets straight to the point after a bit of humor. He...