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  • Published : February 12, 2012
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Argument essay
Heroes can be found in every person if the person has the will to do so. Just like Wilferd A. Peterson says “Explore your mind, discover yourself, then give the best that is in you to your age and to your world. There are heroic possibilities waiting to be discovered in every person.” Heroes are in ordinary everyday people. The officer in the Green Mile, Paul, he was just an ordinary person that worked at the jail until John Coffey came along. When Paul found out about Johns powers of God and his special abilities he knew it wasn’t right for John to be in prison or for him to get executed. He wanted to save John or let him escape, But John said it was okay for him to die because he didn’t want to feel the pain of the world anymore. Would that of made him a hero though? Letting John escape. Or did the fact that he respected John, and his powers make him the hero? I think a little of both is what made him a hero. He was still just an ordinary person, who had extraordinary opportunities in front of him that he chose to take to make him a hero. Heroes don’t have to have any super human abilities. Once again referring back to the Green Mile, Paul isn’t afraid of what the people think he is more concerned about helping others even if his job is on the line. Paul doesn’t have any special about his life or any special abilities. He has a wife and no children. He just living his life. But his actions is what make him a hero. He does what is for the greater good and what he thinks is the best. He doesn’t have super strength or vision. He just has a kind heart and a wise mind and faith that lead him to be the hero he is. Heroes put themselves in danger and sacrifice for the greater good. In the Green Mile, Paul puts his job and life on the line when he lets John escape to go help the Governors wife. She was ill with cancer and John went and used his abilities to take the cancer out of her body. This shows that Paul was willing to sacrifice everything...
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