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Topics: Gender, Male, Female Pages: 4 (1329 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Breshun Thompson
Mr. Trimm
EN 1113-45
18 Mar 2013
The Influence of Gender on Career Choices
“It’s not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are.” This quote by Roy Disney greatly inspires my argumentative research essay. Throughout my exploratory essay, I found that there is a slight effect on being raised in a female/male dominated family in regards to the upbringing of a child. Even though that gender could play a major role in any family involving children, one would think that males make the biggest impact in that matter. Many people who have been raised in a male dominated family are more likely to end up doing more traditionally masculine jobs, such as mechanics, technicians, landscaping, etc. One could also often wonder that if being raised in a male dominated family will have any impact on someone’s career choice. Gender is perhaps the most influential effect regarding in any young adults choices in life; but one could break the boundaries of it by choosing to do what’s best for oneself.

The gender effects on a child’s career is based traditionally on the families’ decisions, beliefs, and values. Many families feel that it is their right to make career decisions for their children whether they are in agreement with the decision or not. It’s the child’s duty to follow the historical tradition of “the family”. For example, if a child is a product of a family of doctor’s (physicians), then he will have the burden on his/her shoulders to carry on the families tradition of doctors. Although schools, peers, and the student’s community all have an impact on a young adult’s self-identity and career choice, the parent’s expectations and perceptions of vocational fit for their children have been found to be the key roles in shaping their career choices (Ferry, 2006). Stereotypically, most families’ decisions are dominated by the female figure. “Based on a study by the University of Virginia, children who are close to their mother tend to...
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