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41 Morrill Avenue Gorham, ME 04038 Phone: 207-222-1100 FAX: 207-839-7742 Website: Guidance: 207-222-1102 Athletics: 207-222-1099 Attendance: 207-222-1100 School Nurse: 207-222-1105 GSNP (Food Services): 207-222-1375 Adult Education: 207-222-1095 Superintendent’s Office: 207-222-1000

Gorham High School Mission and Expectations
MISSION The mission of Gorham High School is to provide a variety of educational opportunities in a safe, positive environment. Our aim is that each graduate thinks critically and creatively, communicates effectively, reads and listens for understanding, solves problems, acts as a responsible citizen and aspires to and realizes individual goals. ACADEMIC EXPECTATIONS 1. Students will use the skills and strategies of the reading process to comprehend, interpret, evaluate, and appreciate what they have read. Students will write correctly, using conventions of standard written and spoken English. Students will work effectively in connection with research. Students will understand and apply the concepts of data analysis. Students will understand and apply concepts of probability. Students will understand and apply algebraic concepts. Students will be able to make accurate observations and measurements using tools (instruments) and units. Students will be able to develop generalizations based on observations (use inductive reasoning), and be able to make predictions based on scientific principles (use deductive reasoning). Students will know and understand the process of scientific inquiry, and be able to use the process to solve problems.

13. Students will understand the rights and responsibilities of civic life. 14. Students will understand the constitutional principles and the democratic foundations of the political institutions of the United States. 15. Students will understand the political relationships between the United States and other nations. 16. Students will develop historical knowledge of major events, people, and enduring themes in the United States, and throughout the world. 17. Students will apply the design process to develop a project and redesign for improvement. 18. Students will utilize technological tools, materials and processes to solve problems. 19. Students will acquire the knowledge and the skills to design and implement a personal fitness program that leads to a healthy life style. 20. Students will participate in a variety of lifelong fitness activities that may become useful later in life. 21. Students will explore creative expression through participation in visual or performing art experiences. 22. Students will understand health promotion and disease prevention concepts. 23. Students will understand how to reduce their health risks through the practice of healthy behaviors. 24. Students will learn how to set personal goals and make decisions that lead to better health. CIVIC EXPECTATIONS Students will demonstrate civic responsibility. SOCIAL EXPECTATIONS Gorham High School expects that its community members will adhere to the core values in the Code of Conduct: Respect Honesty Courage Compassion Responsibility* * See Gorham School District Code of Conduct





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10. Students will be able to use symbols, graphs, and diagrams to make arguments, draw conclusions, by verifying, evaluating, and using results. 11. Students will know how to construct and interpret maps and use globes and other geographic tools to locate and derive information about people, places, regions, and environments. 12. Students will understand and analyze the relationships between people and their physical environment.

The Gorham School Committee is committed to maintaining a supportive and orderly school environment in which students may receive and staff may deliver a quality education without disruption or interference and in which students may develop as...
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