Argument Assignment

Topics: Critical thinking, Credibility, Source criticism Pages: 2 (621 words) Published: January 25, 2013
Writing an Argument Assignment

Writing an Argument
The first essential thought to an argument is to understand the basis of that argument. Each speaker would want to determine the purpose and align their thoughts and sources for credibility and validity. Communication skills are important as well as determining the proper channels when presenting an argument. Four steps demonstrate how to present an argument fairly for both parties. The argument topic is on the use of Wikipedia. The argument will establish the pros and cons on the use of this online site. Step One: Present both sides of the argument.

Presenting an argument fairly requires both speakers to refrain from being bias on their presentation. Each speaker should hear the other out in order to refute respectively their side to the argument. As a supporter for the use of Wikipedia, this site details information on any given subject. It list references as well as choices of languages for most topics. Others view the use of Wikipedia as being not valid or credible of sources. Wikipedia is a site of standard principles. Many are outlined by the providers of information. It is argued that the online provider of information is not credible due to the constant change of information. Step Two: Provide a complete account of the argument.

Chapter 9 of our week’s readings describes this step as an opportunity to quote from sources. It is important to give account to any references used in an argument. The audience can refer back to the information used to sway their decision. Wikipedia provides a list of sources and other websites for the information one discovers as part of their research. Though this site is questionable to credibility, it gives the reader detailed sections of a topic. If one wants to research the Wall Street Journal, Wikipedia defines the term first. It further provides the history as well as the features of the Wall Street Journal. This site seems valid in every aspect of...
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