Argument and Collaboration

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In the library there are many “evidence and arguments that collaboration pays dividends. Library impact research demonstrates that collaboration is essential in maximizing the positive impact of library media programs on student achievement and school success. Unfortunately, both the organizational structure and the culture in most schools discourage collaborative efforts among faculty members. Conference participants wishing to promote increased collaboration in their schools may need to draw on a variety of material to use in crafting their arguments.” (Hartzell, 2007 p 2)

“This sampling of resources is divided into three sections: (1) resources specific to teacher-librarian cooperation and collaboration, (2) resources relating to some deliberately targeted collaboration opportunities, and (3) resources regarding the general nature of workplace collaboration, especially in the school setting.” (Hartzell, 2007 p 2) Teacher-Librarian Collaboration

Teacher-librarian collaboration is at the heart of effective library media practice. Research results indicate that students develop higher quality information literacy skills when instruction on those skills is integrated with subject matter studies, and an argument can be made that the learning of the subject matter itself is similarly enhanced. (Hartzell,2007 p3) Deliberately Targeted Collaboration

One area of school librarianship often neglected in discussion of library functions is how the librarian can assist in helping particular populations in the school, both directly and through working with other faculty members. (Hartzell, 2007 p 4) Collaboration General Resources

Collaboration is difficult to achieve in schools. The culture resists it and the organizational structure discourages it. These sources offer some insight into the challenges of fostering teacher collaboration with anyone. (Hartzell, 2007 p6) Here is some example of argument and collaboration between library,...
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