Argument Against Too Much Television

Topics: Eye, Human eye, Eye color Pages: 3 (972 words) Published: May 17, 2013
There have been many debates of whether television is bad for you or good for you. Both sides have come up with many interesting facts, some persons say that it can be good for you because it can be educational and help construct mental skills such as reading, listening, etc. This is true but only to a certain point; television can be helpful but only in controlled amounts. But most people don’t have these controlled amounts, and in some cases, actually have quite the opposite routine. They spend more time in front of T.V than anything else, and in this essay I will be commenting on the effects that too much television can cause. First effect: Television can create poor cognition

Watching too much television can cause eye strain, people like television a lot and sometimes they stare at it for too long because they like it so much they don’t want to look away. Since they do this, it hurts the human eye and cause eye strain. Study’s made in the “General electric company” have deduced that a T.V emits x-rays, and too much of these rays can hurt eyes. An average person spends about two in front of a T.V if not more, and these x-rays will literally surge through your eyes and burn up your light receptors. And since most persons spend countless hours in front of a television in their lifetime, it is only natural that the person will have some kind of eyestrain. Some persons, especially children, are fascinated with this devise and can’t get enough of it. And in order to placate these needs they usually stick their face in front of the television and expose their eyes directly to the x-rays and therefore putting their eyes directly in front of the emitting x-rays allowing the nerves inside their eye to burn up instantly.

Can hurt eye conduct, after all of these reasons, all of them cause nearsightedness. Other studies have concluded that spending too much time indoors can stop pupil dialation and cause a person from not being able to see in luminated places, and...
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