Argument Against Abortion

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  • Published : November 11, 2010
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Against Abortion Argument

Abortion will always be murder. It is granted that a lot of mothers turn to abortion in order to resolve their problem of carrying an unwanted child, but what happens if the abortion process goes wrong? It results to another problem; not only will the child die, but the mother too. It will be two deaths, two precious lives that go to waste just because of one wrong decision. Furthermore, some abortion process can result in medical complications in a woman’s later life. There have been some cases that women get pelvic inflammatory diseases or ectopic pregnancies, which is a pregnancy that occurs out of a woman’s womb. This is dangerous as it can cause internal bleeding or rupturing of the fallopian tube, which may result to death. In addition, those young women who chose abortion have insufficient life experience and don’t fully understand what they are doing. Many of them will have lifelong regrets afterward. This can result to psychological pain or stress. Some women commit suicide just because they can’t bear the guilt of killing an innocent child. Basically, abortion just brings problems to those mothers who intend to do it.

In the instance of rape or incest, proper medical care can ensure that a woman will not get pregnant. Besides, abortion punishes the unborn child who committed no crime; but instead, isn’t it the perpetrator who should be the one punished. If a woman is carrying an unwanted child, then they have a choice to give it away. Adoption is an alternative solution to abortion. Basically, the National Adoption Attitudes survey finds that about 1.5 million American families want to adopt a child, so there is no such thing as an unwanted child. There have been some instances that adoption is better than abortion. It can be seen as some adopted children turned out to be famous and influential people in the society. For example, Steve Jobs the CEO of Apple Inc. was adopted. If his mother chose to abort him before he was...
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