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  • Published : December 6, 2012
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Expository Writing


Being An Athlete

Most athletes work hard to stay on top but also in their classes such as school work, but of course sometimes sports are put to their top priorities. Usually being an athlete sets you back from a lot of different activities, this is why a schedule can come in handy for some athletes. There are multiples set backs from being an athlete such as the way you “character is being professed”, and certain urges and wills to perform at a level that you've never performed before. Practicing being essential gives an athlete a lot to think about and thus for leading him to great amounts of stress not only mentally but physically, in case of if their was ever an injury that you stumble over.One of the most import things first to know about an athlete is that they always have something to do and in a way they are always busy. You have to be strong mentally and physically being an athlete because you have to remember that you have to put in work on the track and in the classroom. Me seeing that the schedule could be fluent because things change every second-athletes must be willing to sacrifice certain things such as a couple of hours of schoolwork for a couple hours of practice. You have to be smart though and be task attentive because it's actually easier to multitask and you have to be up to the task to get it done Procrastination takes place in athletes minds and even know they are not aware of it, it always tends to happen whether you believe it or not. Me being an athlete of course always makes me tired and I want to just relax and not think about a lot of things, knowing that there's always something wrong. You have to stay accustomed to the lifestyle of wanting to try something new such as new study habits because life will only get harder. You have to think of whats going to happen when you get older, not only your athletics but your school work will get harder.Next being an athlete bring great...
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