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  • Published : December 23, 2014
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Are rich children always happier than those who come from poorer families

“That man is richest whose pleasures are cheapest,” Henry David Thoreau. Wealth does not determine your happiness. Happiness is a sense of satisfaction which cannot be sought after, it is to be decided by yourself, you are the true master of your own happiness. Rich children have lesser worries and probably happier, but poor children can still feel happier. Rich children are stressed with expectations by their parents, thus they are not as happy. Children from rich families are usually expected to excel in their schoolwork. Their parents have expectations of them taking over their business or taking up the same occupation as them. These rich children try very hard to live up to their parents expectations at a very young age and are usually stressed as they are not mature enough to understand. There are many cases in which children are too stressed due to their expectations of their parents and take suicide a way to escape from this stress. A research paper from Cambridge Journals has shown that parents which have high expectations of their child cause the child to be stressed out. This caused negative effects to the child’s growth. On the other hand, poor children lead a carefree childhood and can do anything they want. They are free from this stress. Children from rich families feel sad as their parents are too busy to care for them. Their parents are usually busy at work and have no time to entertain them. Instead, they hired nannies or maids to take care of them. There is no one to provide them with advice on their stage of growth and are badly neglected. They do not have the family atmosphere which most children sough for. This causes them to be depressed. Parents of poor children are usually free and can shed their love onto them. Hard times are also resolved together. From the movie, “New Police Story”, the children of rich parents turn out to become criminals that murdered...