Arguing a Position Essay

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  • Published : March 4, 2013
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For years women in the United States have been pressured to look a certain way. The expectations from society have increased, making some women believe they are not “beautiful” because they do not have the “ideal body.” Media’s perception of “beauty” conveyed to young women causes eating disorders. A television show called “The Biggest Loser” helps the media pass their message through here because they show that the ideal body is skinny and they show overweight people losing weight by following strict diets and a lot of exercise that a famous trainer makes them do. They follow all this until they reach their goal of obtaining that ideal body. Celebrities with flat stomachs and even those toothpaste commercials that show size zero models play a huge part in sending us, the consumers, the message of the ideal body. What we don’t know is that they themselves are also suffering from eating disorders too. “The media creates tremendous hype about the beautiful celebrities who have bodies, which are touted as the most desirable looks or body images.” Dr.Uttara Manohar said. According to “Eating Disorders Facts and Figures,” eating disorders affect up to seven million teenage girls and six percent die of malnutrition. An eating disorder does not just affect just that person, it affects every person around them because an eating disorder is a slow suicide, and it is very difficult to watch someone die right in front of your eyes when you cannot really do anything about it. Eating disorders kill thousands of young women destroying thousands of families that will never be the same with that now missing daughter, sister or friend. A perfect body does not define who you are; the media makes it look like if you have the perfect body you have everything Media does not entirely have the fault of eating disorders, for example low self-esteem and not a very good communication between parents and young women might play a major role. If you were to have more communication with...
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