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February 13, 2012

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Argument Essay 1

Wouldn’t you like to live to be 100 plus? That is a question that many wonder if it is even humanly possible with the lack of health care/problems. The number of people that is dying are anywhere from cancer, AIDS, diabetes, genetic disorders or simply disease associated with old age. Every day people are dying, while the family has to watch them helplessly as they dwindle away. If there were such a thing of a “cure,” would you want to obtain this? Even though some may feel that this is just the circle of life, I believe that scientist should be able to study on how to be able to prevent/cure diseases and expand human life expectancy to more than 100 years.

First, to watch a love-one die very slowly each and every day to a disease that has no cure is very heart breaking. Or planning to make funeral arrangements with that person as they try to cling on to life just to make sure arrangements are just right. Some just pass away simply because they had to knowledge of their illness due to lack of medical prevention. When this happens the family tends to struggle and seek government assistance just to get up enough money to cremate them because of the sudden occurrence. I am currently going through this with my father because he has cancer and is in denial. He has no life insurance and only has 2 children. I am the eldest of the 2. So, when and if he does die, those responsibilities will fall on me.

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Second, there are so many plastic surgery doctors out there performing procedures daily as people try to beat father time. There is also facial cream and other agents that promise to do the same as these surgeons’ do except it is in a bottle, although results may vary. There is definitely a market for it and people have these procedures more frequently. They are open about it as if they were going to see their primary physician. The down fail to...
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