Arguementative Essay

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  • Published : November 21, 2010
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Argumentative Essay

Topic: Children under the age of 15 should not be allowed to read adult books like the “Twilight series” Our argument: I believe that children under the age of 15 should be allowed to read adult books like the “Twilight series” according to their preferences. Some children have high comprehending skills and can understand those kinds of books. If parents review the book first, and think it is it appropriate for their children to read it then I think it is okay. Then children can be allowed to read those kinds of books. If the child has watched the movie first and is familiar with the concept and characters then reading the book in detail becomes quite enjoyable. Sometimes it can be a concept or topic the child finds appealing. These books help us to increase vocabulary, writing skills, helps us children to have a vivid imagination. They help us to broaden our mental outlook. They prepare us for our future by us knowing the different ways of thinking; different viewpoints in the form of the different characters’ viewpoints that we understand by reading the book. These books also increase our knowledge at times; makes us more mature in our habits. We learn to respect others opinions on different matters. It helps to read these books when we have to adjust to different types of people and different situations in future stages in our life. Sometimes while reading we find that there are indirectly answers in the book to problems that we or our friends are dealing with at school, home or with friends. Also these kinds of books help us to socialize with other people who we have never even thought about actually speaking to.

As reading books is fun there is no harm in reading adult books if it has nothing wrong in it. These books just help us improve in the ways I have just mentioned. So go ahead and start reading the book that fits your choice.
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