Argo Movie Review

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Gabriela Vazquez
IB History of Europe 12B
Mrs. Akker
Argo Movie review
31 March 2013
Argo is a movie about the US’s problems with Iran in the 1980’s. I was pleasantly surprised to find it very enjoyable. I don’t tend to enjoy history movies or documentaries, but the plot really captured my attention. I like that the filmmaker gave some background information regarding the conflict because this allowed the viewer to understand what was going on. At the end of the movie, pictures were shown comparing the real events and images to moments from the films. What I found astonishing about this was that the locations, action scenes, and even the people in the film, were replicated so well. I mentioned that I was especially grateful for the background information given at the beginning of the film; the one and only thing that I would have changed was that I would have added more contextual information. This is just because some people such as me find that our history is so extensive, that it tends to overwhelm us to the point where dates, locations, and conflicts are all intertwined in one’s mind. Overall, I found the movie very informational and taught me a lot without being a tedious lesson.

Historically speaking, I think Argo was very accurate. About ninety eight percent of the information was on point. They recreated the events to make everything as closely as possible to the real events. All the little details from the way that they climbed over the fence to get into the embassy, to the clothing they used were as correct as possible. I’d say that the only thing that might have been altered was how the soldiers reacted at the third checkpoint of the crews escape. This does not mean that this was projected wrong or inaccurate however, just that it is likely that the soldiers were not excited about learning of Argo, as they were shown to be. There wasn’t really any part in the movie in which I thought “that’s so fake” or “that doesn’t happen in real life”. I...
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