Argo: Movie Review

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  • Published : March 24, 2013
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Alicia Evans
March 10, 2013
Review on Argo
Mrs. Bornac MWF
When the movie Argo began to play I thought to myself this movie may not have my interest. The Iran’s were very aggressive toward the Americans because they felt as if we were trying to harm them. I did not understand the language they were speaking. However, the film should have made the CC pop up at the bottom of the screen so we could at least read their conversations. When the Americans began to burn all of the files they had I started to question were they really trying to help the Iran’s or not. The Iran’s started to get serious by shutting the power off in the buildings so the Americans could not talk to anyone. I began to get curious about what would happen next.

There were Americans still held hostage sixty-nine days later. Six Americans snuck out the back door because going through any other door would not have been a success. I wondered where they would go. They went to a safe place with a married couple. I was happy the couple wanted to help them back to their freedom state. When the Iran’s noticed they were missing six Americans I knew they would try their best to find them. I felt as if they Guy Tony were a strong man to try and save those six Americans. He could have been home with his wife and little boy instead he wanted to help. Tony missed his son’s call and when he was able to call back no one was home. That was heart touching because he loves his family. Tony sent his son a happy birthday card and that was great. He watched television with his son also when they were on the phone some nights. Tony’s wife and son missed him a lot.

The streets of Iran were dangerous. I could not visit that place because they obviously do not like Americans at all. Once I seen the bodies hanging from the cranium machinery my heart dropped. Those people do not deserve to die the way they did. Also the large Army trucks the Iranians drove around in was terrifying to me. They had these harsh...
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