Argentina vs Costa Rica

Topics: Argentina, Spanish language, Costa Rica Pages: 2 (507 words) Published: April 25, 2013
Argentina vs. Costa Rica
Spanish countries are gorgeous places to visit. If you are thinking of visiting the Spanish country of Costa Rica you may want to look at Argentina. Argentina is a beautiful country and one of the best you can visit. You will soon understand why I like both of these countries.

Argentina is one of the best choices you can have. It’s the second largest country in South America. Countries like Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil, and Uruguay along with the Atlantic Ocean make up Argentina’s border causing many different cultures and variety. Argentina spans over nearly 1,073,519 square miles. In those square miles one-third of the population lives in Buenos Aires. Out of all of these people ninety percent of them are Roman Catholic. Religion is a big part of the culture especially now with the new pope! Even though most are Roman Catholic there are small groups of Christians, Jews, and Muslims. Language is also big in Argentina the official language is Spanish, but many do understand Italian and are becoming familiar with English. Great tourist spots are also in Argentina such as: The Gran Chaco, Mesopotamia, The Pampas, Andes region, and Patagonia. Argentina is a beautiful land and a great country.

You may also want to visit Costa Rica. It has some amazing qualities and is a very lush and vibrant country. It is a small mountainous country bordered by Nicaragua, Caribbean Sea, Panama, and the Pacific Ocean. In the central part of the country it is covered by very rugged mountains. In the low lands of Costa Rica you can find active volcanoes and tropical forests. In all of this land you can find Costa Rica’s resources of gold and precious metals. Its main exports such as pineapples, coffee, bananas, and other major exports are very popular. You can find the people in this land take great pride in their countries heritage. They value strong family ties and being together. A big influence on that is the religion; seventy five percent of the...
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