Argentina Culture

Topics: Argentina, Italian language, Buenos Aires Pages: 1 (374 words) Published: March 9, 2011
Argentina’s capital is Buenos Aires, a city with a mixture of architectural styles imported from Europe. Its flag of course is composed of three color blue and white with a shiny sun very orange, located at the right center. The argentines constitution guarantees religious freedom. Roman Catholic is considered the official state religion. But as I said other worldwide religions like notably Islam, are gaining a lot of power in the country for the past ten to fifteen years. In Argentina its official language is Spanish, but not any kind of Spanish. It sounds more like and Italian accent Spanish. There is also much different kind of languages spoken in Argentina. They speak Italian, English and French. Indigenous languages like Tehuelche, Guarani and Quechua. Most argentine come from European descent, which separates them from other Latin American countries where and Indian cultures are more mixed. Now when it comes to food, they become very traditional. The primary dish in Argentina is beef. Their version of the barbecue is called “asado”. This is a traditional dish when you gather up with family and friends on weekends. Bread and salad are the along dishes that they prefer. During weeks days their daily dishes are milanesas( breaded meat filers. Since you all know that they are from European descents, they are very familiar with the italian food and its traditional pasta. The top dishes are spaghettis gnochis and delicious filled pasta such as sorrentinos. Now when it comes to drinks, wine is Argentina’s popular drinks. One of the most traditional drinks is mate and is very popular. It is similar to tea.

Music is very important in Argentina. There is this specific music which symbolizes Argentina which is El Tango. The tango represents Buenos Aires. But aside from the tango there is this other type of music called Folklore which represents the rest of the country. Then there is Cuarteto and Cumbia which are type of music that originated in the inner...
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