Arena Football League Case Study

Topics: Association football, Colorado, Oxygen Pages: 2 (441 words) Published: August 6, 2012
Arena Football League Case Study
Barbara McGhee
SRM325: Case Research in Sports & Rec Management
Instructor: Brooke Estabrook-Fishinghawk
July 22, 2012

Founded in Littleton, Colorado, the Colorado hurry Soccer Club is a non-profit association established to supply an unparalleled individual growth experience through the game of soccer and to encourage life-long participation in the games. Formed in 1997 through a merger of two local clubs, association Columbine and Lakewood joined Soccer association; the hurry now services over 5,000 youth players on an annual cornerstone. As a constituent of the joined States Youth Soccer Association and US Club Soccer, the club offers recreational and comparable programs for players of all ages and adeptness. In supplement, the hurry functions two mature person soccer leagues, the Colorado Comets and Colorado experts, which service over 1,000 mature person players in the Denver metropolitan area. Over the past several years, the Colorado hurry has become identified as one of the premier youth soccer organizations in the territory. The club's competitive programs comprise of the sophisticated and Academy branches and service more than 1,400 participants. Since 1998, hurry competitive groups have won an unprecedented 12 United States Youth Soccer nationwide Championships and one US association Soccer nationwide Championship. Rush comparable groups compete locally in associations organized by the Colorado State Youth Soccer Association. The players are attribute are as follows: Physicality, habitually going in hard at the footy and not backing down at any skirmishes. numerous of today’s well known AFL players are renowned for their hard on method at the ball, if it be laying hard tackles and winning the ball for pinning the opposite contestant - or laying a quick and hard Sheppard. Work on this by lifting weights, exercising and bumping against a rubber/foamy matter and practicing the bumping and tackling techniques....
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