Arena: Assembly Line and Model

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Production line
In this report will be analysed the current production line of a manufacturing company that produces three different products. Because the system is consuming too much resources and it’s not very efficiently, ways to improve all this factors is needed. By identifying the bottleneck an alternative solution can be proposed for this problem.

Due to increases of demand, and the need to reduce production costs, the company is considering ways of effectively reducing Work-in-Process and also reducing throughput times whilst maintaining a good level of resources utilization.

For analysing the production line, a simulation model was built using Arena software program, based on information provided by company. The purpose of using Arena simulation software is to help demonstrate, predict, and measure system strategies for effective, efficient and optimized performance.

The model was built using the following input data:
For manufacturing three different products (P1,P2,P3) the company uses five components (C1,C2,C3,C4,C5) .For assembling one product, three components are used following the next scheme:

Product 1| C1| C2| C3|
Product 2| C1| C3| C5|
Product 3| C2| C4| C5|

The components arrive according to an exponential distribution with the following parameters: C1| C2| C3| C4| C5|
15 min| 10 min| 12 min| 8 min| 17 min|

In the process of fabricating this product all components need to follow a specific sequence to be processed and ready for final stage (assembly).

Stations 1 through 4 are machining stations and each component has a separate processing route and time through these stations and the 5-th station is the assembling station.
Components routing and process times (all times are in minutes and are triangularly distributed).

Components| Station| Station| Station| Station| Station| C1| 1 (5,15,20)| 2 (5,8,10)| 3 (15,20,25)| 4 (8,12,16)| 5 (assembly)| C2| 1 (6,8,10)| 2 (11,13,15)| 4 (4,6,8)| 3 (6,9,12)| 5 (assembly)| C3| 2 (7,9,11)| 4 (7,10,13)| 3 (18,23,28)| 5 (assembly)| | C4| 1 (5,15,20)| 2 (3,9,15)| 3 (5,10,12)| 4 (3,10,12)| 5 (assembly)| C5| 2 (6,10,14)| 1 (6,10,14)| 3 (5,8,15)| 4 (3,10,12)| 5 (assembly)|

1. Building the model:
Details about the production line system
A screen capture from Arena simulation software, logical schema, module and (more details below)

A screen capture from Arena simulation software animation.

For beginning the process of components arriving at the production line was built. (Example of how component nr.1 was created)

For Component nr.1 (C1)
The entity name was defined as “Component C1” and entity type defined as “C1”.Based on information given, the components arrive according to exponential distribution(“type of time between arrivals”, defined as Random (Expo)) with parameters: (15) in the first case, time unit is in minutes, the number of components arriving at the same time is 1 (entities per arrival), the maximum number of components generated during the simulation is “infinite” because is considered that are enough “raw materials”(in this case components ready for processing and assembling ) and the time of first creation defined at “0” , this means that the entity is created at the very first moment when the model will run. Further in the model all the entities (raw components) will get different characteristics using the “Assign module” as follows:

For component No. 1 were assigned Attribute as:
“Part Type” so it can be distinguished later on in the model from the other type of component. “Sequence” so this type of component can follow a specific route (this routes are define in “Sequence-Advanced Transfer”) “Entity Picture” main purpose of this is for animation, visual tracking, and verification (visual). “Arrival Time” defined as Attribute with value “TNOW” used for calculating time in system. After all the component ware...
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